Awesome Reviews

Great comments and customer reviews are well earned.
Here are just some of them.

With ChaseTek by our side we switched our phone system to VOIP and dramatically increased our bandwidth for our students. They did a great job of explaining each step to us, while giving us different options.

Avon Local Schools

ChaseTek has been awesome! They have assisted us with our data and phone decisions from selection to installation to service. Their staff is wonderful to work with and they are quick to respond to anything we need.

Buckeye Fabric Finishing Company

Personally, I couldn’t be more delighted with the services ChaseTek provides. They have helped us through numerous support issues and managed to get them resolved quickly and professionally. I can always count on them to reduce downtime and keep our business running.

Hometown Urgent Care

I can always count on ChaseTekto come through with any phone or internet issues our office may have, regardless of the location. They are great at figuring out any problem and then giving a follow up of the situation. This is great customer service, and helps our remote employees feel comfortable with the resolution.

Crow Creek Medical

ChaseTek has been a great partner to work with, the work they do saves me time which allows me to focus on other tasks.  Their support team is great they are very responsive and great at taking care of contacting providers to get service or repair requests taken care of.  One call or email to ChaseTek support and I know my issue will be taken care.

Fairfield Homes

ChaseTek made my job so much easier. After hours on phone and issues, ChaseTek took over. I could go back to my daily requirements of my own job. They were so kind and made sure I knew everything would be taken care of and no worries. I later checked back in a month and sure enough everything they stated they would help with was completed faster than expected.

Royal Paper Stock

I just wanted to comment on the move of our IT department to ChaseTek a few years ago. As you know we had a very small IT department and had difficulty keeping up with changing technology.  With ChaseTek we are able to achieve a consistency in process and technology that we had previously been unable to obtain. ChaseTek did an amazing job of laying out details and options for phone and data solutions during a period of accelerated growth at our company. They were extremely thorough and continue to support our teams with expert knowledge.

HER Realtors

Chasetek makes our lives easier, by facilitating communications with our provider, we can take a back seat and letChasetek head up the service requests. From a customer support standpoint, they are unmatched. Always receive quick feedback and the communication is always respectful and professional. The most beneficial aspect fromChasetekin my mind is after the issues are found, the options are laid out for us to make a well-informed decision. I rely onChasetek with all of my technology needs, and I suggest everyone else do the same.

The Champion Companies

I have worked with ChaseTek since July of 2016 they are very professional and helpful with all their services. They were a big part in making our move to the new office such a success. Making sure that the phones and computers were all up and running for the first day at the new place. They have also been a big help if or when we have any questions or anything goes down they get the issue fixed right away.

Powell Village Dental